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Rent the FJÄDERFÄ Kaftan


Discover the allure of Pampas' standout piece, the FJÄDERFÄ Kaftan. Crafted with an innovative 3D-printed fabric, this kaftan comes alive with every movement, promising a memorable entrance.

Its versatile design features snap buttons, allowing wearers to style it both open or buttoned-up. A complementary waistband made of surplus fabric ensures that the kaftan remains 100% waste-free.


Elevate your daywear by draping the kaftan over jeans and a t-shirt, or cinch the waistband for an instantly glamorous evening look.


  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Waste-Free: Made from surplus fabric
  • Design: Button-down with optional waistband
  • Fit: ONE SIZE with a breadth of approx. 120 cm and circumference of 240 cm. Standard length ranges between 125-135 cm. Specific length adjustments can be requested.


Every Pampas kaftan shares the same core design. Their voluminous and wide ONE SIZE model drapes effortlessly, with side fabric forming quasi-sleeves before the arm opening. Suited for diverse body types, the kaftan guarantees comfort without compromising style. See the kaftan on various customers [HERE].

For those opting to rent, minor adjustments can be made to tailor the kaftan to your personal fit, ensuring both comfort and style for your special occasion.


500,00 krPrice

    The price is for a one-week rental.

    Once you've added the item to your cart and checked out, we'll contact you via email to determine the week for your rental and gather any additional information. You'll receive the item during the desired week. After the rental period ends, we'll send you a return code via email to facilitate easy returns. For rentals of more than one item, enter the discount code RENT at checkout to receive a 50% discount on the most expensive item. Please return the item in a worn yet pristine condition — essentially, in the same condition you received it but clearly enjoyed, as the garment is meant to be lived in and loved.

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