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  • 9. What does it mean when a garment is "available" or "in stock"?
    When a garment is marked as available, it means we have the fabric on hand to tailor-make it. All our garments are crafted upon order, ensuring a perfect fit for our customers.
  • 2. How does the garment rental process work?
    To rent a garment, simply choose the desired item, add it to your cart, and proceed with the checkout. After the rental period, return the garment using the provided return code. Prices listed are for a week's rental, and more information is provided with each product.
  • 12. What are the store hours for your location at Nobelvägen 90 in Malmö?
    We have variable store hours, which are announced on our Instagram page. Alternatively, you can book a visit by emailing us, and we'll arrange a mutually convenient time. We are working towards establishing regular store hours in the near future.
  • 11. How can I know about the ready-made garments available for direct purchase in your store?
    To inquire about ready-made garments in our store, please email us at
  • 7. What are the terms and conditions of shopping with Pampas?
    When shopping with Pampas, customers agree to our terms and conditions, which include understanding the preparation time required for tailor-made garments and the obligations associated with renting. More details can be found on our "Terms & Conditions" page.
  • 10. What if I need a garment quicker than the usual manufacturing time?
    If you need a garment expedited, simply add a note in the message field when adding the item to your cart, specifying the desired delivery date. If we can't accommodate the request, we'll promptly get in touch via email to discuss alternatives.
  • 1. What is Pampas?
    Pampas is a unique fashion brand based in Malmö, offering both new and pre-loved garments. We emphasize sustainable fashion by allowing our customers to rent or purchase garments, and even offer a service to buy back previously purchased Pampas pieces.
  • 8. How can I contact Pampas for more information about the collection?
    Dive deeper into our collection by contacting us directly via the provided contact form on our website. We're always happy to assist!
  • 4. What is the Pre-Loved service?
    Our Pre-Loved service allows customers to sell back their previously purchased Pampas garments. We take care of refurbishing and reselling, offering the seller a percentage of the resale price.
  • 6. What if the garment I rent gets damaged?
    We understand that minor wear and tear might occur. However, if a rented garment is returned in a condition deemed unusable, the renter will be charged three times the original price of the garment.
  • 5. How long does it take for a garment to be prepared and shipped?
    All of our garments are tailor-made upon order, please allow some time for preparation. However, we strive to ensure timely delivery and will keep you informed about the estimated delivery time.
  • 3. Can I buy garments as well as rent them?
    Absolutely! While we offer rental options for all our garments, many are also available for purchase. Some exclusive pieces are available solely for rental.
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