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Introducing the GULLVIVA Top, a light butter-yellow masterpiece that radiates beauty and sophistication. Crafted from thin, crinkled tulle, this top brings a unique texture and an ethereal feel to your wardrobe. Its sleeves feature adjustable drawstrings, allowing you to customize their look and length to suit your style. The highlight of this top is the meticulously hand-sculpted tulle creations adorning the chest, adding an artistic touch to this already stunning piece. Whether dressed up or down, the GULLVIVA Top promises to add a burst of sunshine and a touch of elegance to any outfit.


Key Features:

  • Unique Texture: Made from thin, crinkled tulle for a distinctive, beautiful feel.
  • Adjustable Sleeves: Drawstrings in the sleeves for customized styling and length.
  • Artistic Detail: Hand-sculpted tulle creations on the chest add a creative and elegant touch.
  • Versatile Style: Perfect for elevating any outfit, from casual to formal.
  • Vibrant Color: A light butter-yellow hue that brings warmth and brightness to your wardrobe.


1 400,00 krPrice
  • At Pampas, we tailor-make upon order, promoting sustainable fashion by reducing stockpile and potential waste. Specific delivery date requirements? Please mention during your order, and we'll get in touch if crafting takes longer than anticipated.

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