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Step into a world of elegance with the JUNI dress. Crafted from sheer organza that shimmers in the light, this beautiful lavender-colored dress promises to be a delightful addition to your wardrobe. With its wraparound design, JUNI strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort, allowing you to navigate any event with grace.


Key Details:

  • Material: Sheer organza that glistens beautifully.
  • Color: Soft lavender for a dreamy touch.
  • Design: Half-wrap, ensuring a mix of chic and comfort.
  • Styling Options: Transparent nature allows for versatile wear; style with an underdress or jeans for different looks.


1 500,00 krPrice
  • At Pampas, we tailor-make upon order, promoting sustainable fashion by reducing stockpile and potential waste. Specific delivery date requirements? Please mention during your order, and we'll get in touch if crafting takes longer than anticipated.

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