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Marilla Kaftan: A Vision in White

Dive into the ethereal beauty of the Marilla Kaftan, a garment that redefines elegance with its flowing form and meticulous details. Crafted from a translucent fabric that dances with every step, this full-length kaftan is adorned with white shimmering embroidery, offering a glimpse into a world of intricate beauty. White snap buttons line the front, providing both simplicity and versatility to your look.


  • Ethereal Fabric: Made from a sheer material that captures the light, creating a delicate shimmer.
  • Sophisticated Embroidery: White, shimmering embroidery adds depth and elegance.
  • Versatile Closure: White snap buttons allow for easy wear and a seamless look.
  • Full-Length Elegance: A design that flows gracefully with your movements, offering a timeless allure.
  • Adaptable Style: Perfect for layering over your favorite outfits, the Marilla Kaftan elevates any look with its unique charm.


The Marilla Kaftan is not just a piece of clothing; it's a statement of refined taste and a nod to the beauty of simplicity. Perfect for special occasions or as a standout piece in your everyday wardrobe, it promises to wrap you in elegance and comfort.


1 220,00 krPrice
  • At Pampas, we tailor-make upon order, promoting sustainable fashion by reducing stockpile and potential waste. Specific delivery date requirements? Please mention during your order, and we'll get in touch if crafting takes longer than anticipated.

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