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MEIJING Set: A Two-Piece Silver Ensemble

Step into the future of fashion with the MEIJING Set, an exclusive two-piece ensemble crafted in shimmering silver. This set pairs versatile cargo pants with adjustable waist ties, ensuring a comfortable fit for sizes XS to L, with a detachable bow-topped blouse tailored to your exact measurements. Both pieces are designed to adapt to your style preferences, whether worn together for a cohesive look or as separate pieces to enhance your wardrobe.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Design: Only one set available, ensuring uniqueness.
  • Versatile Pants: Cargo pants with adjustable waist for sizes XS to L.
  • Customizable Top: Comes with a detachable xxl bow and tailored to fit the buyer’s specific measurements.
  • Elegant Silver: Both pieces are rendered in a striking silver, perfect for standout style statements.


8 500,00 krPrice
Only 1 left in stock
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