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VERSATILE BOW BROOCH: Elegance Meets Flexibility

Discover the versatility and charm of our VERSATILE BOW BROOCH, a unique accessory that effortlessly transitions between a classic bow tie and a chic brooch. Designed for both men and women, this adaptable piece enhances any outfit, offering a touch of sophistication and a nod to personal style. Whether paired with formal wear or pinned to your favorite jacket, the VERSATILE BOW BROOCH is a statement of elegance and versatility.


  • Dual Functionality: Crafted to be worn as a traditional bow tie or an elegant brooch, providing versatile styling options.
  • Customizable to Match: Available as a standalone accessory or matched with other garments for a cohesive look. Mention your preference at checkout, and we'll customize it with the same fabric as your chosen garments.
  • Personalized Service: Simply leave a comment during checkout, and our team will reach out to you for detailed customization, ensuring your bow brooch perfectly complements your style.
  • Ideal for Any Occasion: Elevates both formal and casual ensembles, making it the perfect accessory for weddings, galas, or adding a refined touch to your everyday wear.


Step into a world of elegance and versatility with the VERSATILE BOW BROOCH. A statement piece that bridges classic and contemporary styles, it’s the perfect addition to your accessory collection, promising to add a unique touch to your wardrobe.


420,00 krPrice
  • At Pampas, we tailor-make upon order, promoting sustainable fashion by reducing stockpile and potential waste. Specific delivery date requirements? Please mention during your order, and we'll get in touch if crafting takes longer than anticipated.

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